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Fabio Frizzi - Frizzi Beyond Fulci: From The Archives Vol. 1

Fabio Frizzi

Frizzi Beyond Fulci: From The Archives Vol. 1

Release date: September 03, 2021
Label: Ship To Shore
Ship to Shore PhonoCo. - in association with Cadabra Records - are very proud to announce the release of Frizzi Beyond Fulci - Volume 1, a compilation of selected works by the Italian maestro!Despite being best known for his horror scores for the Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci, Frizzi's output over the years has reached a legendary status for it's eclectic nature. From the electro-style Italian chart-topper Mastermix - which wouldn't sound out of place on one of the classic Street Sounds compilations - to the Contraband disco track You Are Not The Same and much more in-between (Prog Rock influenced Euro Pop? Yep!), Frizzi Beyond Fulci delves deep into the back catalogue of Fabio Frizzi, once again shining a beacon on his talent to create not only dynamic movie scores but also great songs. Featuring extensive liner notes by Stephen Thrower (author of Beyond Terror: The Films Of Lucio Fulci), Frizzi Beyond Fulci: Volume 1 is not only a fantastic launching pad for Frizzi's work beyond the horror movies of Fulci but also a must-have for Frizzi collectors due to the inclusion of previously unreleased tracks such as the main theme to the film Rolf and TV movie Kamikaze. Miss out at your own peril!
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03 September 2021 / More records