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Fabiano Do Nascimento Das Nuvens (Red / White)

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Los Angeles-based Fabiano Do Nascimento is a multi-string guitarist and songwriter who melds the traditional idioms of his native Brazil (i.e., samba, choro) with the more contemporary and experimental strains of jazz, pop, and electronic music. Das Nuvens ("The Clouds"), out July 2023 on Leaving Records, is a crisp, frequently blissful, and deceptively groove-oriented showcase from a consummate musician - a rich and varied collection of songs, all of which seem to prioritize, and thrive in, the soft and intentional spaces between notes. Das Nuvens constitutes the free-form, exploratory work of a musician who, having mastered a distinct musical language, seeks to apply his skill towards broader, more experimental modes of expression. Fittingly, track one - built around a contemplative, pointillistic refrain- is titled "Babel," a reference to the legend of man's attempt to build a tower to heaven, and how God thwarted this alleged act of hubris by shattering man's shared language, sowing chaos and confusion. Though a stern parable on it's face, it is a myth that enshrines our world's dizzying array of languages (of modes of being), and the subsequent beauty of cultural exchange through art. In this regard, it is a fitting opening statement for an album that collapses and collages not only contemporary and classical Brazilian and pop idioms, but also the diverse range of indigenous music that Nascimento has encountered and studied in his travels as a touring musician.

  • 1. Babel
  • 3. Train to Imagination
  • 4. Das Nuvens
  • 5. YĆ»gen
  • 6. Aurora
  • 7. Eterno
  • 8. Stranger Night
  • 9. Blu's Dream
  • 10. 3 Pontas
  • 11. Amoroso

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