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Ezra Bell - The Way To Oblivion

Ezra Bell

The Way To Oblivion

Release date: June 12, 2020
Label: Dutch Records
Ezra Bell releases their highly anticipated new album This Way To Oblivion on Dutch Records. Since the album announcement, the Portland band has earned acclaim from KEXP, American Songwriter, Glide Magazine, Exclaim, and more, assigning critical affirmation to a preexisting cult following, hard-earned by relentless touring and unforgettable live performances.
  • 1. I Love You Too
  • 2. SHHH, the Dog Is Sleeping
  • 3. Marsha, It's Your Peyote
  • 4. The Joke Was on Me
  • 5. Tanner Thorne
  • 6. Sherrie Sue
  • 7. Raise Your Hand If You Slept in Your Clothes
  • 8. 5th and James
  • 9. Stipulations Don't Suit You
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12 June 2020 / More records