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May 3, 2019
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Evan Thomas Way's career as the frontman for the Parson Red Heads has made the warmth of his voice synonymous with the band's hope-filled songs. This is why his new solo record is a surprise. While maintaining the layered guitar harmonies and the gentleness of his voice, the songs on Long Distance are darker and more deeply personal. Through both the honest emotions of an ordinary life and the comfort of melody and harmony, Evan has given his listeners an album with which to make sense of their own lives. His lyrics provide a voice for those who are hurting while his music is a comfort for those who are healing. Immediately accessible, yet unfolding the true strength of its songwriting and musicianship over subsequent listens, Long Distance is a small jewel.

  • 1. Don't Surprise Me
  • 2. Maybe Tomorrow
  • 3. Life
  • 4. Long Distance
  • 5. Don't Fall Away
  • 6. Gone
  • 7. Hope
  • 8. Change Your Mind
  • 9. Fire at the End of the Line
  • 10. Seventeen

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