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Etch -Strange Days


Strange Days (2xLP)

Release date: May 14, 2021
Label: Seagrave
Double vinyl LP pressing. "So, the 1995 film Strange Days... I'm sometimes surprised how much that film is a reality now. 'Strange Days' is also my favorite song by The Doors. I reference Jim Morrison's lyrics quite a lot, it's something I definitely like to show loud and proud. He's a hero to me, i.e. my track 'Monochromatic Wilderness Of Pain' is a reference to his lyrics in 'The End': "lost in a Roman wilderness of pain / And all the children are insane / all the children are insane / waiting for the summer rain". But the track fit those words sonically and visually when put through a spectrometer... also the fact that the sequence was being controlled by a sequencer I built, but made the timing integers off by like 0.7, so it's like making the structure fuck itself up."
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14 May 2021 / More records