Espana Nuevo Califato

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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Industrial punk from this mysterious duo, primitive but original and catchy. Punk as it used to be, confrontational, cynic, mean and with a dark sense of humour. Hailing from Barcelona they also are part of the infamous duo Ca de Bestiar, which is sort of the reverse of this project: while in Ca de Bestiar the punk component prevails over the industrial one in España the punk element is only left on the vocals and the attitude. And as with Ca de Bestiar, they enlist Viktor L. Crux as producer and mixer. They avoid cliches but also avoid pretension, these tracks sound natural like there was not much thought put into it but pure instinct, which is an exceptional feature these days. Daring djs will find that tracks like "Bushido" or "Ayudame" are unexpected bangers. FFO: Esplendor Geometrico, Dame Area, Liasons Dangerouses, Le Syndicat Electronique, Ca de Bestiarr

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