Erin K I Need Sound

Release date:
September 13, 2019
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I Need Sound is the new album from American born singer Erin K via German label T3 Records. Erin is based between Berlin and London, and I Need Sound is being preceeded by a single Little Turns, presented with a video by filmmaker Jordan Copeland. The lyrical narratives of I Need Sound explore the dramas and farewells and Erin's attempts to not to lose her joy for life. Whistful lyrics such as How I wish I could gather my lovers together / Make it all better / How I wish wish I could take it one day at a time / But I keep falling hard for all I can not find are delivered with a wry tongue in cheek, and the melodies seem to effortlessly flow out of Erin. On the theme of Little Turns Erin explains, the song is about an inner struggle experienced by someone in a relationship where they have been left powerless and somewhat desperate, these explorations of identity and relationship strife are presented alongside tracks such as The Tooth Song, which, in context, compares the pain of human relationships going bad in contrast with the pain of tooth ache. A rich vein of candid, confessional narratives runs through I Need Sound, the hilarious I Have A Knack is lemon sharp, I have a knack for faking things are fine / when everything's a mess. Frame To Freeze wrestles with the attempt to gain control over rampant negative thoughts and emotions and to find peace of mind. As well as ten original tracks, the album also features Erin's first cover Chills, a moody and somber rendition of You're The One That I Want by John Farrar, from Grease. And throughout I Need Sound Erin artfully treads a line between self-deprecating irony and heartbreakingly direct candor.

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