Erik Desiderio Last Epoch Original Soundtrack

Release date:
July 5, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

This epic loot sees the epoch-making score for time-hopping action RPG Last Epoch blessing heavyweight wax.28 tracks chosen by composer Erik Desiderio have been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight discs. These slip into a deluxe double gatefold sleeve with artwork by the team at Eleventh Hour Games.Desiderio had to cast his mind through time to soundtrack each of the game's four different epochs of Eterra, with the music of this release focusing mainly on the brighter Divine Era and the darker, apocalyptic Ruined Era. Most eras of the game have a natural, acoustic sound to them with more traditional instrumentation, while the Ruined Era focuses on warped synthetic and acoustic sounds. Over the course of the game's Early Access period, the composer was able to gather fan feedback, which in turn helped shape the final score.Some less well-known instruments and techniques colour the music. The sound of the lute helped capture the beauty of the world, while the scratchy, intense tagelharpa embodied the conflict of a war-torn land. In the Ruined Era, fretless bass guitar and expressive Ebow serve to create a sense of unease, with melodic material returning from earlier eras.Choral lyrics were sung in Old Norse, in particular on the "Last Epoch Theme" with it's stirring refrain "Fyoern Oowled" (trans. "Ancient Era"). Vocalists include Ffion Elisa, Colm McGuiness, Mason Lieberman and Matt Lambert.

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