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Equipoise -Demiurgus



Release date: March 15, 2019
Extreme metal supergroup EQUIPOISE are finally releasing their highly anticipated debut album Demiurgus. The band includes current and ex-members of HATE ETERNAL, WHITECHAPEL, THE FACELESS, BEYOND CREATION, VALE OF PNATH, and FIRST FRAGMENT. The band really busts out of the gate with a fierce display of extraordinary musicianship and finesse. Featuring Members of: BEYOND CREATION, FIRST FRAGMENT, ex-THE FACELESS, EX-VALE OF PNATH, MARCO MINNEMANN
  • 1.Illborn Augury
  • 2.Sovereign Sacrifices
  • 3.Alchemic Web of Deceit
  • 4.A Suit of My Flesh
  • 5.Shrouded
  • 6.Sigil Insidious
  • 7.Reincarnated
  • 8.Dualis Flamel
  • 9.Eve of the Promised Day
  • 10.Waking Divinity
  • 11.Ecliptic
  • 12.Squall of Souls
  • 13.Cast Into Exile
  • 14.Ouroboric
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15 March 2019 / More records