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Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar Nalin & Kane

Energy 52

Cafe Del Mar Nalin & Kane

Release date: December 09, 2022
Deadmau5 remixes;
Energy 52's 'Cafe Del Mar' has come to represent the most euphoric and hedonistic pleasures of dancefloors - in Ibiza and all around the world - and has been remixed by some of the biggest names in electronic music. Known for it's infectious melody and it's strong impact on dancefloors around the globe, it has charted multiple times around the world and won countless awards. Now, 30 years after it's first original release, Superstition Records will be putting out a new series of releases, with brand new remixes as well as some of the many remixes from across the last three decades. The second part in the series features two of the most recognizable interpretations, which won the hearts of millions. The first of the two remixes was from 90's trance legends Nalin & Kane, originally released in 1998, which takes us on a deeper trance journey; raiding the senses with warm, calming pads before lush basses come through and ultimately that famous, instantly recognizable melody. Alongside this classic is the iconic remix from Deadmau5, who delivered a remarkably deep interpretation of the classic in 2008. These dancefloor cult classics are finally available again on vinyl in a new pressing
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