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Embr -1823



Release date: August 07, 2020
First vinyl pressing is.Limited to 500 copies in 2 colour blue & black cosmic swirl vinyl + DLC. CD digipack. Within the genre of heavy metal there can be an abundance of variation, color, texture and tone. There are many different shades and many different categories within that catch-all phrase. It's not all about throat ripping vocals or Neanderthal riffage. As many who are not drawn metal's immediate charms may perceive. Heavy music can encompass a whole panoply of sounds, moods and ambition. It can surround you with emotional elegance and distressing chaos. There can be subtleness, thoughtfulness and deep introspection even when things get exceptionally heavy. This is why NHS is thrilled to unveil our latest signing. We have partnered with 4 musically kindred spirits from Birmingham, Alabama, collectively known as EMBR. EMBR tick all the boxes & beyond. EMBR already have 3 mighty EP's under their belt.
  • 1.Prurient
  • 2.Where I've Been
  • 3.Stranger
  • 4.Powder
  • 5.Eyes Like Knives
  • 6.Your Burden
  • 7.Vines
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07 August 2020 / More records