Eloy Destination

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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With the growing desire for earlier works by ELOY, the German flagship of art and progressive rock according to the music press, Destination, an album from 1992 that has not been available for a long time, will now be re-released on 23 February 2024. As vinyl records were almost completely out at that time in the early nineties, Destination is now being released as a physical product on vinyl for the first time.Destination is an album on which we processed and mixed many different inspirations and stylistic elements. Although bassist Klaus Peter Matziol picked up the bass for the band again for the first time during production, the material was mainly the result of a collaboration between Michael Gerlach and myself, and the result was a mixture of atmospheric but also very rocky sounds, whereby I challenged myself with my own vocals and we filled out the still not completely new line-up with various other instruments. After the success of its predecessor RA, which immediately catapulted ELOY back into the official German album charts after a three-year break, there was a lively spirit of optimism. The sound and the melange of the music worked as planned. (Frank Bornemann, 2023)

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