Ella Van Der Woude Take Me Somewhere Nice Soundtrack

Release date:
January 12, 2024
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Inspired by Bosnian & Herzogovinian turbofolk music, Ella van der Woude's techno and dance soundtrack to Ena Senijarevic's coming of age fish out of water story Take Me Somewhere Nice holds elements of surreal detachment, with comic undertones. We simply let ourselves be inspired by the music that would be played in these places and situations and slightly exaggerated the features of the genres we were mimicking. Ena's guideline for the music was to underline the estrangement felt by the protagonists from their environment, amplifying their feelings of detachment from the different worlds they inhabit. - Ella van der Woude The initial idea for the music in Take Me Somewhere Nice was to use diegetic music only, creating music for specific scenes and places - a club in Bosnia, a clothing store in The Netherlands, and a car ride with our three young protagonists.

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