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November 10, 2023
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Available as LP on green vinyl and limited edition CD. All the albums Blue Matter have issued have given us a real buzz of excitement and inspired a high degree of missionary zeal. However, Eliza Skelton’s ‘The Lookerer’ has really upped the level. This wonderful piece of work serendipitously landed on our decks a few months ago, and we were taken aback by it’s sheer beauty and haunting musicality. Eliza Skelton is a Brighton-based singer songwriter and accomplished multi- instrumentalist. She is no stranger to the studio having been involved with several bands and artists including Oddfellows Casino, The Desperate Ones, and many more. Now she has produced this magnificent, fully-fledged solo album of beautiful material complete with full band (wherever deemed necessary). Featuring gorgeous songs, great vocals and superb playing, ‘The Lookerer’ deserves to be spinning on turntables around the world. It is housed in a sleeve designed by Eliza, and comes on green vinyl. Definitely, not to be missed, so don’t miss it. 1. Above Whitehawk Hill 2. One Daughter 3. Laika 4 Curlew 5. O Willow Waly 6. The Lookerer 7. Serenade of Rough Music 8. The Time Traveller 9. We're The Wild Dogs

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