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Eleventh Dream Day -Since Grazed

Eleventh Dream Day

Since Grazed

Release date: August 06, 2021
Since Grazed is either the 14th or 16th record depending on how you count them (but who's counting?) by Eleventh Dream Day, a Chicago band with Kentucky roots. After 2015"s blistering guitar blast Works For Tomorrow, Janet Beveridge Bean, Rick Rizzo, and Douglas McCombs return alongside James Elkington and Mark Greenberg. The hour of music on this 2xLP takes the long road home, spacing out at the wheel and reveling in the journey - celebrating those along for the ride. This is not a record about what is lost, but what is still there, however nicked up and grazed it may be. Built from the bottom up, the 12 songs here start simply with acoustic guitar and a voice and layer a lush symphony of sound over the band's most melodic tunes to-date. 1. Since Grazed 2. Cracks in My Smile 3. Just Got Home (in Time to Say Goodbye) 4. Tyrian Purple 5. Yves Klein Blues 6. Nothing’s Ever Lost 7. Take Care 8. Matter 9. Look Out Below 10. A Case to Carry On 11. Wish Too Far 12. Every Time This Day It Rains
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06 August 2021 / More records