Elegant Weapons Horns For A Halo (Black Marble)

Release date:
May 26, 2023
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Talk about Firepower. That is, of course, the name of the Judas Priest record that represents guitarist Richie Faulkner's finest moment with the legendary Birmingham band, one that Richie-also British-has been central to for 11 years now. But that also describes the happenstance that is Elegant Weapons, with Faulkner being bolstered and emboldened by the regal presence of Ronnie Romero-Rainbow, Vandenberg, Michael Schenker-along with Dave Rimmer from Uriah Heep and on drums, Christopher Williams from German Metal veterans Accept. "Horns For A Halo" is the debut album from Elegant Weapons featuring 10 tracks of pure raw power featuring the singles "Blind Leading The Blind", "Do Or Die", Horns For A Halo is The juxtaposition between good and evil, light and dark, the downfall rising. The dirt and power yet beauty and elegance of the instruments together. Black marble LP

  • 1. Dead Man Walking
  • 2. Do or Die
  • 3. Blind Leading the Blind
  • 4. Ghost of You
  • 5. Bitter Pill
  • 6. Lights Out
  • 7. Horns for a Halo
  • 8. Dirty Pig
  • 9. White Horse
  • 10. Downfall Rising

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