El Buho Strata

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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El Buho's fifth studio album may be his most personal yet. Strata draws from Robin's attempts to grapple with the tension of experiencing happiness, joy and gratitude in our daily lives with loved ones or through sharing music while the world falls apart around us. This dynamic of trying to live in the moment and enjoy the privileged life we have yet in the back of your mind there is an overwhelming sense of dread that the world will never be the same and, as climate change really starts to hit home, there are incredibly difficult times ahead. It is about our attempts to find a place of peace, balance and fulfillment between these powerful strata above and below us.

  • 1. Floating Islands
  • 2. Cenizas de Agua (Feat. Nita)
  • 3. Gentle Breeze
  • 4. Brujería (Feat. LI Saumet)
  • 5. Timini
  • 6. Piañuco
  • 7. Alarma de Emergencia
  • 8. Llanto de los Cerezos
  • 9. Ley de Origen (Feat. Minük)

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