Efrat Alony Hollywood Isn't Calling

Release date:
February 2, 2024
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Efrat Alony, award-winning singer and acclaimed Israeli jazz artist, released her album Hollywood Isn't Calling in 2021. Renowned for her dynamic voice and avant-garde approach, Alony explores the spirit of jazz with poetic, socially charged lyrics. In a delightful blend of humor and profundity, she navigates diverse themes, challenging listeners to break free from boxes. She came up with the name of the project through a funny story in which she received a message from a festival in Los Angeles that she had won an award for her composition - a festival devoted exclusively to action films. A funny and absurd situation at the same time. Reason enough for the artist to take it with humor - if Hollywood doesn't call after all, then she'll just have to grab the megaphone herself to get her message out to the world. The album features a stellar quartet--Frank Wingold (guitar), Henning Sieverts (bass), Heinrich Köbberling (drums)--creating a tapestry of contrasts and depth. Alony's compositions, including My Shorthand Modes of Perception and El Ha-Or, reflect her fearless exploration of art, urging audiences to embrace light amid darkness. With a multicultural background and international acclaim, Efrat Alony's Hollywood Isn't Calling takes the listener through boundary-defying jazz, making it a must-have for music enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition.

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