E Q U I P - Synthetic Core 88 Original Soundtrack


Synthetic Core 88 Original Soundtrack

Release date: October 05, 2018
Label: Yetee Records
Format: LP Album
Syle: Soundtracks
Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing. A broken future. A world long forgotten. A girl named Flora awakens from the distant past, only to find her home in ashes and destruction. She must venture out into the familiar unknown for any chance of survival. Along the way, she encounters strange friends and foes, utilizes incredible devices and vehicles, and deciphers the calamity that ultimately lead to the planet's demise. What awaits at the end of her dystopian journey? Check out this awesome original soundtrack to the fake '90s RPG Synthetic Core 88. Chicago-based musician E Q U I P created 14 tracks using a Roland SC-88 synthesizer (1994), most notably used by Nobuo Uematsu for the Final Fantasy soundtrack. With amazing artwork by Drew Wise including game screenshots, this beautifully-composed original soundtrack sounds like the real deal.

  • 1. Bygone Dreams (New Game Continue)
  • 2. Flora Awakes (New Memory)
  • 3. Pontiff's Pass (Flora Meets Umbra)
  • 4. New Gaia (World Map)
  • 5. Wholehearted Elation (Battle Theme)
  • 6. Victory! (Exp Fanfare)
  • 7. Scarred Streets (Oppressed Town)
  • 8. Synthetic Core 88 Awakens (Cybernetic Journey)
  • 9. Archaic Mechanized Citadel
  • 10. Ivory Steam Submarine
  • 11. Azure Grotto of the Sleeping Steel Giant
  • 12. Mechanical Labyrinth (Dark Beacon)
  • 13. Silph6 (Final Encounter)
  • 14. Friendly Ghost (Umbra's Theme) (End Credits)
  • 15. Archaic Mechanized Memory (R23X Flip)
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05 October 2018 / More records

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