Dylan Ii - Kinou No Omoide Ni Wakare O Tsugerundamono

Dylan Ii

Kinou No Omoide Ni Wakare O Tsugerundamono

Release date: June 15, 2018
Label: Pony Canyon
Format: LP Album
Syle: Pop , World Music
Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Originally a trio started by the owners of popular folk kissa The Dylan in Osaka, The Dylan II became a duo of Masaji Otsuka and Yo Nagai when Kyozo Nishioka left to pursue a solo career. As fitting for a band named after the bard from Minnesota, their debut single was a cover of "I Shall Be Released," with original Japanese lyrics by Otsuka and the new title, "??????????? (Otokorashiitte Wakaru Kai)," which roughly translates to "Do You Know What It's Like To Be A Man." Their rock-leaning debut album on URC alternated between The Band-like grooves and The Byrds-esque jangle, and earned them the reputation of being the Happy End of the west.

  • 1. Kimi No Mado Kara (From Your Window)
  • 2. Kodomo Tachi No Asa (Children's Morning)
  • 3. Sono Toki (That Moment)
  • 4. Kimi Wo Omoi Ukabe (Thinking of You)
  • 5. Otokorashiitte Wakaru Kai (Do You Know What It's Like to Be a Man)
  • 6. Puka Puka
  • 7. Samishi Gariya (Lonely One)
  • 8. Kimi Wa Kimama Ni (You Are Carefree)
  • 9. Uso Tsuki Akuma (Lying Devil)
  • 10. Saakasu Ni Wa Piero Ga (Clown for a Circus)
  • 11. Manshuu Kouta (Ballad of the Manchurian Railway)
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15 June 2018 / More records

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