Dying Wish Fragments of a Bitter Memory (Marble)

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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Equality, dignity, and self-determination are enduring themes in this music, a spirit more vital than ever. In less than two years after their formation, DYING WISH was anointed by the extreme metal press as one of 5 Bands You Need To Know (Revolver) and a Band To Watch In 2020 (Dead Press). Following many successful tours, DYING WISH hunkered down in their native Portland, Oregon, to compose their debut full-length Fragments Of A Bitter Memory for SharpTone Records. As Brooklyn Vegan observed, "they do metalcore in a way that's darker and more menacing than a lot of their peers," and yet, "they could be the biggest band in the world when they let their [more melodic] side shine through." If the band summon the energy they've demonstrated at DIY festivals and shows up and down the West Coast, the album is destined to be a ripper.

  • 1. Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed
  • 2. Hollowed By Affliction
  • 3. Innate Thirst
  • 4. Severing the Senses
  • 5. Fragments of a Bitter Memory
  • 6. Cold Hearts in Bloom
  • 7. Until Mourning Comes
  • 8. Now You'll Rot
  • 9. Blood Laced Misery
  • 10. Enemies in Red
  • 11. Drowning in the Silent Black"

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