Dumb Vision - Modern Things

Dumb Vision

Modern Things

Release date: December 07, 2018
Formed in early 2014 in Madison, WI, Dumb Vision quickly carved out a place as one of their hometown's most exciting DIY bands with their raucous yet deceptively melodic spin on garagepunk. As roommates, and over a few (dozen) cans of Blatz, guitarists Erick Fruehling (Fire Heads) and Chris Joutras (Dharma Dogs, Coordinated Suicides) concocted the band's formation and immediately recruited Alex Ross (Fire Heads) on drums. After a year the group's lineup ultimately coagulated with the addition of bassist Griffin Pett (Wood Chickens). Dumb Vision is now set to release their new debut LP on stalwart garage punk label, Big Neck Records. These twelve road-tempered tracks were recorded in Dumb Vision's natural habitat, a small Midwestern DIY basement studio (by Bobby Hussy: The Hussy). What underground heads can expect is an ample offering of Dumb Vision's murky, covertly poppy take on Killed By Death punk. Songs delivered with an almost lackadaisical underdog slacker sweetness by a singer (Fruehling) backed by a fuzzed-out feedback beleaguered outfit with the snarl and bite of Fang or The Reatards. Seemingly at odds with itself, this conflict dog-ears Dumb Vision's scrappy sound in a genre as tried and true as garage punk 'n roll.

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07 December 2018 / More records

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