Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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Legend On Legend! Eddy’s superb reverb-drenched renditions of Dylan’s biggest hits gives your ears a fresh take on these familiar favorites. Full of twang and gut bucket harmonica, this collection of 12 songs encapsulates the ‘60s in a way only Duane Eddy could. Originally released in 1965, the album has remained one of the rarest and hard-to-get collectibles for Duane Eddy fans everywhere. Produced by Lee Hazelwood, the album is completely instrumental and showcases Eddy’s individual stylings of the 1960s. Eddy’s guitar romps and soars through Dylan’s brain waves – translated in this album into notes which build and explode into bar lines of enjoyable melodies. By instrumentally interpreting 12 of the significant songs of the 60’s, Eddy proves there is quality and richness in popular music, too often knocked down for its tendency toward shrillness and over-amplification. What Bob Dylan is capable of saying with his magical way with words, Duane Eddy is capable of saying instrumentally. As you will undoubtedly hear, it’s a happy marriage.

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