Drug Control Clear Sight

Release date:
January 18, 2019
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Formed in 2014, DRUG CONTROL's biggest mission has been to put San Diego Straight Edge on the map. At a time when California's hardcore scene seems to pale in comparison to it's East Coast contingent, DRUG CONTROL have been slowly cultivating a scene with such bands as FURY, DISCREPANCY and STEP 4 CHANGE. Ultimately, this landed them on New Age Records which has released such legendary hardcore bands as UNBROKEN, LIFETIME, ABUSE OF POWER and many more. With lyrics and music that are as straight forward and to the point as the band's name, DRUG CONTROL recently completed their second west coast/midwest tour as weak as their first Europe tour. 2018 was a very busy year for DC and there's much more on the way staring next year. With influences ranging from AGNOSTIC FRONT, WARZONE, S.S.D., and YOUTH OF TODAY, DRUG CONTROL aims to be as far reaching as their name implies. After releasing a demo on Criminal Rights Records, DRUG CONTROL released their debut 7' on Straight And Alert/Coin Toss Records. Ultimately, this is what led to them releasing the Stabbed 7' on New Age. It's a tall order to be sure but DRUG CONTROL welcome the challenge. With a 'do anything', 'play anywhere' attitude, the band currently finds themselves on some pretty strong bills regularly between San Diego and Los Angeles. It is that work ethic that they feel will make them memorable. Clear Sight shows the natural progression of the band continuing to build steam as they head into 2019 with nothing in their way!

  • 1. Worthless
  • 2. Stand Together
  • 3. Clear Sight
  • 4. Decay
  • 5. Figured Out

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