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Dreams Of Avalon - Beyond The Dream (Blue vinyl)

Dreams Of Avalon

Beyond The Dream (Blue vinyl)

Release date: September 04, 2020
Blue vinyl
Label: Metalville
Blue Viny. Solo album by Joachim Nordlund, guitarist of Swedish metal legends "Astral Doors".The multi-instrumentalist has always been a big fan of the hard rock scene of the 80s, especially of the more mellow pace with lots of keyboards, strong melodies and hooks.Dreams Of Avalon means Eighties styled Melodic Rock enriched by a modern, powerful production, through which the zeitgeist of the 80s is transported into the here and now. The music has everything you can expect from Melodic Rock. Catchy melodies, big choirs, many keyboards and melodic guitar work.
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04 September 2020 / More records