Dog Versus Shadows Oracle Mama Dot

Release date:
November 4, 2022
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MOONBEAM WHITE VINYL. "This is an album inspired by British-Guyanese poet Fred D'Agiuar's 'Mama Dot' sequence (1985). It explores the different strands of a mighty, mythical grandmother figure who has the task of creating a place away from (but rich in the memories of) Africa. I have taken the idea of an Oracle figure watching over a mythical place, but all is not well. There is disharmony and threat and the real and metaphorical landscape is tainted with nostalgia - a longing to be understood as a place of hope and dreams where everyone, regardless of their origin is welcome." Lee Pylon (Dogs versus Shadows).

  • 1. By the Lake, Surrounded
  • 2. Shut That Gate!
  • 3. Pier Collapse in Slow Motion
  • 4. Bridge Collapse at High Speed
  • 5. Trent Fog (Hold on Tight)
  • 6. The Room Where Everyone Goes
  • 7. Burnt Out Atlas
  • 8. Fully Submerged
  • 9. Nightlandings
  • 10. Chernobyl's Imprint
  • 11. Heritage Site Wildfire
  • 12. Mrs Jones Is a Witness of Rural Decline
  • 13. Tower Block Stairwell Decay
  • 14. The Moon (Looks Alien in the Day)

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