Dog Heaven Dog Heaven

Release date:
July 16, 2021
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Dog Heaven is a record that takes the aspects of the typical punk rock formula and puts them into a blender chock full of noise and feedback. Equally driven by dissonant, angular guitar riffs and nasty bass lines, it is also carried by sardonic lyrics by way of a gruff vocal delivery. There are grimy, blown out songs that set the tone of the album and there are also somber melodies and sad songs exemplified by the beautiful acoustic track Miserable World which splices in samples of ordinary life into its minimal composition. Though for the most part it mainly sticks to its guns and pulls no punches throughout its brisk runtime. The record never shies away from experimentation and breaking the mold. From driving guitars and strong\-willed chants to sludge\-y blues romps, Dog Heaven shows a versatile track list that dissolves into an exercise in no wave tinged brutalism.There is an overarching sense of sincerity that permeates throughout this album. The fuzzed out guitar tones contrast beautifully against the crisp drums, bright bass and overdriven vocals. This makes the eclectic songwriting cohesive. A must listen. FFO Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Husker Du

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