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Doctor Bionic - The God State (Clearwater Blue)

Doctor Bionic

The God State (Clearwater Blue)

Release date: September 23, 2022
Deep, Hard Hitting Soul-Jazz Meets Dub Instrumental Analog Grooves For Your PsycheIn few words, Doctor Bionic can be described as Instrumental b-movie psych-hop. But that doesn't tell the whole story.Doctor Bionic is the brainchild of Cincinnati's Jason Grimes, formerly the producer of the hip-hop group MOOD (with emcees Main Flow & Donte). Having grown up in the Scribble Jam scene here in Cincy, and running in circles that included artists like Hi-Tek & Talib Kweli, Grimes' music has continued to evolve from sample-based loops, to live instrumentation with deep layering; provided by a revolving door of local musicians. The common thread in most Doctor Bionic tracks are the neck snapping drum breaks, but the tempo adjustments and varying instrumentation lends itself to a collection of non-genre specific songs - held together in unity by the flawless drums, often provided by Josiah Wolf (of indie-rock band Why?)The result of these recording sessions are a masterclass in musical juxtaposition. Spacious yet clustered. Futuristic nostalgia. Ideal for long car rides or setting the vibe during a laid back gathering of friends.
  • 1. The Messengers
  • 2. No Middle Ground
  • 3. Purple Spark
  • 4. Decades to Come
  • 5. Shadows in the Sun
  • 6. Snow Bird
  • 7. In the Mirror
  • 8. Dose of Dank
  • 9. The Things That We Love
  • 10. History Lessons
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