DJ Sim & Dr. Phil Omanski Hardcore Legends

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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DJ Sim and Dr. Phil Omanski are the focal point in the fourth part of the successful series; Hardcore Legends. DJ Sim is, without a doubt, a Hardcore Legend. Tracks like 'Go Get Busy', 'Cartoons in Progress', 'Simbiosis' and 'Pump That Stupid Bass' have made many hardcore hearts beat faster. These tracks inspired many hardcore artists. Dr. Phil Omanski aka Jorn Hanneman is essential in this series. Everyone remembers the hit 'Young Birds' with the mega catchy synth stab and Celtic vocals, but also gems such as 'BZRK Feelings (Toni Salmonelli Mix)' and 'One Tribes Jam' are featured. Hardcore Legends by DJ SIM x Dr. Phil Omanski is available on black vinyl. LISTEN: https://youtu. Be/OGKgDrmOgFc* 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL* PART OF THE HARDCORE LEGENDS SERIES * A SELECTION OF THEIR HOTTEST TUNES, INCLUDING 'YOUNG BIRDS', 'GO GET BUSY' & 'CARTOONS IN PROGRESS'* FEATURES REMIXES BY TONI SALMONELLI, DJ WEIRDO, AND ORG. RAGGA* BLACK VINYLTrack listing:SIDE

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