Dj Krutch Hitotsu Hitotsu Pt.2

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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Two tracks from DJ Krutch's 2nd album 'SOPHIC 2'!It is a double sider of 'One by one Pt. 2' with new participation by Chinza Dopeness and Kuuru, and 'MIRROR BALL (REMIX) ft. CHICO CARLITO, kiki vivi lily, Iori Kimura' with new participation by pianist Iori Kimura. !Released a remix version after 'MIRROR BALL ft. CHICO CARLITO, kiki vivi lily b/w one by one ft. LIBRO, DAG FORCE', which was released last year and was only available at very few stores. It is a 7-inch version for DJ use with breaks on both sides. Please hurry as it is inevitable to be sold out immediately!LISTEN:https://open. Spotify. com/track/7A2U6LKkgYjNErcm1leKLxTracklisting:Side

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