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Al Divino / Raticus - Cryptex: Murderous Materials

Al Divino / Raticus

Cryptex: Murderous Materials

Release date: December 13, 2019
Raticus quest to continue to contribute to the hip hop culture, leads him up the I-90, where hip hop is alive and well represented by AL DIVINO. AL DIVINO and Raticus combine to create a hip hop stew with rugged rhymes and melodic tracks. Pushing the boundaries of underground hip hop on this project, AL DIVINO continues to show he is on a different level, different wavelength carving a new path, a new standard of HIPHOP. Raticus provides the theme music with his trusty MPC and turntables setting the ambience, encompassing it with a feel of Brooklyn the only way he knows how. Along for the ride are some of the illest MCEES well respected spitters.. Estee Nack, REKS, Rome Streetz, Mooch, ETO and Fresno's own Planet Asia. This project is an example of the evolution of HIP HOP in it's 5th decade of life. Take journey into the schism of CRYPTEX - Murderous Material.
  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Sniper [Explicit]
  • 3. Murderous Material (feat. Estee Nack) [Explicit]
  • 4. Want War (feat. Reks) [Explicit]
  • 5. Never (Henny Fifth) [feat. Rome Streetz] [Explicit]
  • 6. Dirty Matrix (feat. Mooch) [Explicit]
  • 7. Excell (feat. Estee Nack) [Explicit]
  • 8. Mic Charisma (feat. Planet Asia) [Explicit]
  • 9. Eating Good (feat. ETO) [Explicit]
  • 10. Colombian Flake (feat. Mooch) [Explicit]
  • 11. Dysfunction [Explicit]
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13 December 2019 / More records