Dividing Line - Turn My Back On The World

Dividing Line

Turn My Back On The World

Release date: December 07, 2018
Forming in 2017, THE DIVIDING LINE plays fast, unashamed straight edge hardcore blending the raw aggression of '80s era hardcore punk and moral defiance of early '00s straight edge. Featuring members from a consistent line of punk and hardcore bands (most recently OUTLAST, ON PATROL, MY TURN TO WIN, FIXATION and NEW HEART), the band delivers a blow of jaded rage and unrelenting passion with each new track. 'I had been listening to the band for a month or so on their bandcamp page just as a fan' -Mike Hartsfield/New Age Records, 'Then the band announced they were going into the studio the next day to begin recording and I sent a message as soon as I could. We were lucky enough to get to them in time.' The band recently wrapped up a series of shows on the east coast as well as a weekend of shows on the west coast in August.

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07 December 2018 / More records

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