Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

Release date:
June 3, 2022
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Often claimed as the most important Punk album of all time, this was the first full length by UK Hardcore prime movers DISCHARGE and rightly considered the manifesto for what would be later defined as 'd-beat'. Originally released on the CLAY record label in 1982, this masterpiece gave inspiration to literally hundreds in the extreme metal and hardcore punk areas for the subsequent four decades and its legacy remains invaluable to this day. On white vinyl. Tracks: 1. I Don't Care 2. Sweet Suburban Dreams 3. Living In The City 4. Acne 5. I Love Dead Babies 6. Pigs 7. Under My Feet 8. No Time For Romance 9. There's No Future U.S.A. 10. Acne (alternate version) 11. Pigs (alternate version) 12. Do Or Die 13. Pause

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