Devastator Conjurers of Cruelty

Release date:
March 22, 2024
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DEVASTATOR is a four-piece Black Thrash band from the county of Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.Formed in 2017 by drummer J. Scarlett and lead guitarist R. Amun out of the ashes of two former Extreme Metal projects and the addition of rhythm guitarist C.W. Wolfgang and lead vocalist/bassist T. Nachtghul, Devastator quickly proceed to take the underground by storm with their unrelenting take on the primitive 'Black Thrash Attack' following the release of their self-titled demo. Heavily inspired by the titans of the past such as SODOM, BATHORY, VENOM, HELLHAMMER and MOTORHEAD, the iron foundations were laid for what was to come.In 2019 the band signed a one-album-deal with UK label Clobber Records, Later that year the band released their debut "Baptised in Blasphemy" on July 10th to critical acclaim garnering the attention of VENOM INC's Tony Dolan, ORANGE GOBLIN's Ben Ward and METAL HAMMER's Dom Lawson, the latter would play a significant role in next chapter of DEVASTATOR's story.

  • 1. Beyond the Gate. 1:06
  • 2. Conjurers of Cruelty 5:01
  • 3. Black Witchery. 5:02
  • 4. Ritual Abuse (Evil Never Dies) 4:51
  • 5. Walpurgisnacht 4:17
  • 6. Necromantic Lust 3:13
  • 7. Deathspell Defloration 5:58
  • 8. Bestial Rites. 2:46
  • 9. Sharpen the Blade. 4:10
  • 10. Rabid Morbid Death 7:50

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