Detraktor Full Body Stomp

Release date:
November 25, 2022
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After an important much needed line-up change, DETRAKTOR has entered a new chapter exploring what they do best. This album features a new direction into grooves and heavy riffing that was missing in the past. The guys explore themes inspired by the animal instinct in humanity and how it affects our daily being. From top notch recording and production to a heavier and more mature sound, DETRAKTOR enters a new chapter in their existence with this record. One that will answer all outstanding questions about what has happened in this long period of despair. Every riff and every word will prove that DETRAKTOR has been working hard on giving the listener the best goddamn headbanging experience they can possibly ask for!

  • 1. Gorilla
  • 2. Bear Fight
  • 3. Behave
  • 4. Evilusion (Undercroft Cover)
  • 5. Perro
  • 6. I'm the King
  • 7. Seven
  • 8. Revenge
  • 9. Filth Me Up

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