Dessa Bury the Lede

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Dessa, the rapper, singer, writer, academic, and all-around polymath, who NPR hailed as a "national treasure," will release her first solo full-length album in five years, Bury the Lede, September 29th, 2023 on Doomtree Records. It's an eleven-track project of hard-hitting rap verses, big, catchy pop hooks, and a couple melancholic tracks. Dessa (an anthropology and psychology-enthusiast whose 2018 album, Chime, was inspired by neuroscience) conceptualized Bury the Lede as an examination of human nature and mortality. Reflecting on the pleasure-seeking and loss-aversion that define us as a species, the album ultimately endorses a Camus-with-a-lime-twist take on life. "It's about indulging in a measure of hedonism even as the threat on the horizon mounts... Survival is, at best, indefinite. So maybe get a cocktail with an umbrella in it," says Dessa. The new album leans into the light more than past projects-more moments of levity and abandon, more danceable-but it's still very much a product of Dessa's lyrical style, writerly and multi-layered, and meticulous. Executively produced with longtime collaborators and friends Lazerbeak (Doomtree, Lizzo) and Andy Thompson (Taylor Swift, Dan Wilson), Dessa and company's indie-rock, soul, and Swedish-pop inflected rap on Bury the Lede create an album that's hard to imagine hearing from anyone else. And, despite the wide range of influences, it's also one of Dessa's most cohesive albums to date.

  • 1. Hurricane Party
  • 2. Decoy
  • 3. Chopper
  • 4. Tell Me Again
  • 5. I Already Like You
  • 6. Twelve to One
  • 7. Blush
  • 8. Crash
  • 9. What If I'm Not Ready
  • 10. Long Wave
  • 11. Rothko

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