Derrick Brown A Close Shave with Heaven (Green)

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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7up bottle green color viny. Not enough has been said about Derrick Brown's new classic comedy and poetry album. His popularity has grown enormously, comparatively, to other comedian poets. It began with his years as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, (which he is prone to mention every time the lunch bill is set down on the table.) His love for poetry grew from the foxhole to the coffee house. Soon his pairing of comedy with poetry would take hold at All Tomorrow's Parties in 2009, a 'cool' fact he will mention after two beers. Should he be in films? His destructive good looks, shocking sensitivity and personal hotline to the heavens make him a winner in our book! There is a triumphant atmosphere to this record. If sadness is the absence of stupidity, then this record is madcap stupid. The listening pleasure is maximized by Brown's smooth-as-yogurt voice. On behalf of all of us at the label, we humbly thank you for listening and buying a back-up copy in case this one melts.

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. It's Gonna Get Real Stupid
  • 3. Sadness Is the Absence of Stupidity
  • 4. My Wetsuit Is Too Tight
  • 5. Soundcheck Barenaked Cancel Predator
  • 6. A Snow Leopard, Framed
  • 7. English Heat
  • 8. Modern Fuzz
  • 9. More
  • 10. Two Stellar Engagements
  • 11. Three Weeps
  • 12. Saltation
  • 13. Youth Group Robbery
  • 14. Weighted Blanket

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