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Deniz Cuylan - No Such Thing As Free Will

Deniz Cuylan

No Such Thing As Free Will

Release date: December 16, 2022
Hush Hush is thrilled to present the debut album 'No Such Thing As Free Will' by Los Angeles-based guitarist and composer Deniz Cuylan. "Deniz Cuylan seems to invent new languages for the guitar: nylon-strung takes on Reichian minimalism, fluttering arpeggios that recall Vini Reilly's spidery flamenco and atmospheric pieces pitched between Glenn Branca and Bert Jansch." -The Guardian, "It's certainly an album that will soundtrack those moments when you sit and gaze at the world for a stretch, whether it is from behind a screen or in a park. An understated work, yes, but a miniature marvel." -A Closer Listen, "A bright, studious, harmonic, pastoral gem. 'No Such Thing As Free Will' is a much prettier and more enveloping record than words can convey; it has a really nice poise between the disciplines of the leftfield, the guitar soli and that of bright folk melody." -Backseat Mafia
  • 1. Clearing
  • 2. Purple Plains of Utopia
  • 3. She Was Always Here
  • 4. Flaneurs in Hakone
  • 5. Object of Desire
  • 6. No Such Thing As Free Will
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