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Del Vikings Come Go With The Vikings: 1956-61

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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The Del-Vikings were the first successful integrated doo-wop vocal group whose hugely promising career was blighted by contractual and personnel issues. Despite this they had major landmark R&B and pop hits like Come Go With Me, Whispering Bells and Cool Shake along the way. As Bruce Eder writes at the story of the Dell-Vikings is one of the most glorious, complicated, and frustrating of any successful doo-wop group in music history. The group consisted of serving members of the US Air Force, who shot to fame with their 1957 R&B No. 2 and pop No. 4 Come Go With Me, which has become a much-played favourite. Subsequent management issues and fractures even resulted at one stage in two different incarnations of the group performing simultaneously - namely The 'Del'-Vikings and The 'Dell'-Vikings to add to the confusion. However, having had further hits they remained active into the '60s. This great LP collection brings together their best releases for a variety of labels - plus selected titles from their Luniverse album The Del-Vikings and their Mercury albums They Sing...They Swing - Del Vikings and The Swinging, Singing Del Vikings Record Session. It naturally includes their hits, which along with their varied work across the years, ranging from pure doo-wop through to rock 'n' roll and arrangements of Great American Songbook standards, underline the fact that they were one of the most talented doo-wop groups of the time

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