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Defset - Proximity


Proximity (2xLP)

Release date: January 21, 2022
Label: Emk Records
Double vinyl LP pressing. Proximity is a 12-track album of richly textured and 100% analog electronic music that will appeal to fans of Daniel Avery, Andy Stott, Jon Hopkins and Max Cooper. Whilst the debut release from Defset - the producer has spent many years experimenting with electronic music & equipment and the album demonstrates a mastery in using modular synthesizers and outboard gear to create a pallet of evolving melodies over syncopated, glitched out rhythms - resulting in a deeply accomplished sonic blend of immersive techno and atmospheric electronic music. The album features singles including 'Deadlines' - a dark & brooding pitched down slice of menacing techno; the airy and light 'Shira2', a piece of dreamy electronica that dances over a shuffling backbeat; 'Bathtime' - a unique piece of slo-mo dub-techno featuring live bass and instrumentation inter-woven with trance-like vocals and the tough & atmospheric 'HoneySwede'.
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21 January 2022 / More records