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Deerhoof - The Man, The King, The Girl


The Man, The King, The Girl

Release date: November 22, 2019
To celebrate their 25th(!!) anniversary of being a band, Deerhoof are pulling out all the stops -- releasing three of their earliest records on vinyl for the first time via three labels that have supported the group throughout their career. In addition to Holdypaws (Kill Rock Stars) and Halfbird (Joyful Noise), Polyvinyl is honored to present The Man, The King, The Girl -- the band's debut full-length, re-mastered by drummer Greg Saunier and featuring fully restored cover art (the corners on the original CD release were chopped off due to a printer error).
  • 1. Gore In Rut
  • 2. A-Town Test Site
  • 3. The Pickup Bear
  • 4. Tiger Chain
  • 5. Queen Of The Mole People
  • 6. Sophie
  • 7. Polly Bee
  • 8. Itchy P-Pads
  • 9. Bendinin
  • 10. Gold On Black
  • 11. The Comedian Flavorists
  • 12. For Those Of Us On Foot
  • 13. Wheely Freed Speaks To The People
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22 November 2019 / More records