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Debu Cornelius Ex Your Of Jamaica

Release date:
September 29, 2023
Pre-order vinyl:

The long-awaited analog version of Debu Cornelius EX's band's greatest masterpiece 'Your Of Jamaica', including the Cornelius remix!In 2004, 'Debu Cornelius' was formed around Chiaki (Vo. ). Disbanded one week after announcing the 3rd album. After that, after several reorganizations and dissolutions, it became 'Fat Cornelius EX' in 2013. In 2020, we produced and recorded during the corona wreck, and in the summer of 2021, we announced the band's greatest masterpiece 'Your Of Jamaica'. The song, which was completed by crushing Chiaki's soul, has become a hot topic along with the MV that spins live footage from the time they formed in 2004 to the present. This album includes 'Your Of Jamaica' and Cornelius Remix. In addition, Baile Funki Kakeko, who is known for providing music to lyrical school and co-creating an EP with Haruko Tajima, and szk, a synthesizer and remixer from dub16step, have participated in the remix. LISTEN:https://open. Spotify. com/track/21WYrinUa57kklyMmGrplXTRACKLIST:Side A1. Your Of Jamaica2. Your Of Jamaica (remix by szk)3. You Of Jamaica (remix by Baile Funki Kakeko)Side B1. Your Of Jamaica (remix by Cornelius)2. KARAOKE OF JAMAICA3. VOCAL OF JAMAICA4. KING CASIO'S TONE JAMAICA

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