Death Valley Girls - Glow In The Dark

Death Valley Girls

Glow In The Dark

Release date: May 17, 2019
Format: Colored Vinyl
Death Valley Girls is a Los Angeles-based garagerock/psych-pop/proto-metal troupe whose self-described Californiadoom boogie, Manson Family/B-Movie theatrics, and occult-themedlyrics invoke names like the Cramps, Black Sabbath, and Bikini Kill.Emerging in 2013 and founded by drummer Patty Schemel (Hole), hersix-string-wielding brother Larry Schemel, vocalist Bonnie Bloomgarden, and bass player Rachel Orosco, the band released their debut album, Street Venom, on cassette via Burger Records in 2014.Patty left the group shortly thereafter and was replaced by Laura Kelsey (the Flytraps). In 2016, the band released their sophomore studio long player, Glow in the Dark, again via Burger. The group moved to Suicide Squeeze Records for their third full-length effort, 2018's Darkness Rains. Pressed on wild green splatter vinyl.

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17 May 2019 / More records