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Dealing With Damage - Ask The Questions

Dealing With Damage

Ask The Questions

Release date: July 02, 2021
Dealing With Damage's debut full length album brims with anger and frustration, dealing with issues within the modern political climate. The bands post-hardcore sound is reminiscent of the sounds made famous by labels like Dischord in the 80's and 90's. The music ranges from harsh and dissonant hardcore to straight forward punk rock, taking cues from the more melodic bands of the late 80's UK hardcore scene, and even an Americana influenced acoustic track and a fitting tribute to a legend of the political movements of the 1960s. Ask The Questions leaves very little to actually be answered. DWD wears their lyrics on their sleeve and the record serves as a stark political statement in an aggressive manner seemingly lost in the modern world of punk rock music. This is a record of substance that proves that the DIY ethic is alive and well.
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02 July 2021 / More records