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Dead Moon - Echoes Of The Past: The Anthology (Black & White Marble)

Dead Moon

Echoes Of The Past: The Anthology (Black & White Marble) (4xLP)

Release date: March 24, 2023
If you love your rock and roll dark and heavy yet accessible, full of Mojo Rising and Ex-Catholic Voodoo and biting power chords and Charlie-Watts-on-speed-drumming, there simply is no better Northwest band than
Portland's immortal Dead Moon. This gluttonously Caligula-generous, near-50-song 4xLP, limited-edition color vinyl anthology box set (with turntable slipmat, beverage koozie, stickers, button pack, and poster) is your gateway into the underworld of this criminally underrated band.

A1. Graveyard
A2. Evil Eye
A3. I Hate The Blues
A4. Dead Moon Night
A5. My Escape
A6. A Miss Of You
B1. Walking On My Grave
B2. Johnny's Got A Gun
B3. I'm Out Nine
B4. Kicked Out - Kicked In
B5. Unknown Passage
B6. Jane
B7. Dagger Moon
C2. Over The Edge
C3. Running Scared
C4. Room 213
C5. 54/40 Or Fight (Live)
C6. A Fix On You
D1. Sorrow's Forecast
D2. Castaways
D3. Down The Road
D4. Fire In The Western World
D5. Can't Do That
D6. 13 Going On 21
D7. Destination X
E1. Black September
E2. Poor Born
E3. Cast Will Change
E4. Running Out Of Time
E5. Psychodelic Nightmare
E6. Area 51
F1. Somewhere Far Away
F2. Diamonds In The Rough
F3. Going South
F4. I Won't Be The One
F5. Point Of No Return
F6. Last Train
G1. Rescue
G2. On Another Plane
G3. Ricochet
G4. The Way It Is
G5. These Times With You
G6. 40 Miles Of Bad Road
H1. Never Again
H2. Sabotage
H3. Day After Day
H4. It's O.K.
H5. Too Far Gone</p>
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