Dead Boys Return Of The Living Dead Boys; Halloween Night 1986 (Orange)

Release date:
April 26, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

The reunion concert that brought New York to it's knees in 1986 - the original Dead Boys, Stiv Bators, Cheetah Chrome, Jimmy Zero, Jeff Magnum and Johnny Blitz on stage at the Ritz! The band got together for one more show in thir old stomping ground, starting wih an introduction from long-time supporter, Joey Ramone, to the power riff of "Sonic Reducer" (played twice!) to an unreal cover of The Stooges' "Search & Destroy!"

  • 1. Side A Sonic Reducer
  • 2. All This and More
  • 3. Caught with the Meat in Your Mouth
  • 4. Calling on You
  • 5. I Won't Look Back
  • 6. What Love Is
  • 7. I Need Lunch
  • 8. Ain't Nothing to Do
  • 9. Down in Flames
  • 10. Side B Son of Sam
  • 11. Detention Home
  • 12. 3rd Generation Nation
  • 13. Tell Me
  • 14. Search and Destroy
  • 15. Flamethrower Love
  • 16. High Tension Wire

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