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David Gray - Skellig

David Gray

Skellig (2xLP)

Release date: May 14, 2021
"Skellig" is the first and title track from the upcoming release from David Gray, Skellig. The album and song were inspired by a story of the monks who, thousands of years ago, inhabited the island Skellig Michael. The islands are extremely remote and located off of the Kerry coast of Ireland. David pictured the monks living as close to God as they could be, in a purely minimal lifestyle, and used that imagery to write "Skellig" as a branch back to that time and place, free of the noise of our lives today. With the completion of the song "Skellig" other songs began to attach themselves to it and the project took more and more shape. The album has been written over many years and were recorded in 2019 in the Scottish highlands at Clashnarrow Studios in Helmsdale.
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14 May 2021 / More records