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David Boring - Unnatural Objects And Their Humans

David Boring

Unnatural Objects And Their Humans

Release date: May 26, 2023
Label: Damnably
A new edition of Hong Kong Post-Punk/Noise Rock band DAVID BORING's debut album with an updated track list and remastered especially for vinyl. Originally released in 2017, the album is structured to tell a sequence of stories representing oppressed young humans in a slowly decaying, modern world, and builds on three main arcs - “The Machine” is the womb that breeds, governs and drives the dystopia that slowly takes form, “Unnatural objects” denotes the normalized absurdities that blossomed under a cheerfully toxic environment, and “Their Humans” looks dispassionately at a series of (objectified) protagonists and their futile attempts to survive. These three arcs intertwine to form a piece that paints a violently nihilistic picture, a mapping of the band's psyche in response to the gentle malice of the modern world, it’s mundanities and pressures to conform. “Their uncompromising noise rock is anything but dull” Dazed “While K-Pop, C-Pop and J-Pop seem to having their moment in east Asia's music scene, it's exciting to see an angsty, badly behaved indie band break free from the shackles of underground notoriety and get noticed” i-D “Blistering post-punk quintet David Boring is a scream in the dark, a bright spot in the otherwise anaemic landscape of underground Hong Kong rock” The Wire Solid Grey colour vinyl variant 1. Jane Pain 2. Smog 3. Brian Emo 4. Machine#1 5. Loosefuck 6. Men/蚊 7. Machine#2 8. Susie Exciting 9. I Can’t 10. Suicide Pop 11. Newborn Porn
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