David Arkenstone Winterlude

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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With this recording I set out to capture the feelings I get when winter comes around.It's an idealized winter to be sure, but I wanted to illustrate some of the moods that come over me during this unique time. It seems to me the earth is more quiet and there's more time for reflection and contemplation. The songs to me are like little chapters in a book, with each sound painting embodying a characteristic­ or mood that is meaningful to me during this magical season. Track Listing: 1. Warm Lights Flicker Across the Lake 2. The Icy Brook Finds its Way 3. Kisses from the Falling Snow 4. The World Sleeps 5. Darkening Skies SIDE B 6. Little Mysteries in the Snowy Woods 7. The Return of Jack Frost 8. Surrounded by Silence 9. The White Cathedrals 10. Whispers of the Winter Wind

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