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Dave Allen - The Dna Of Dma

Dave Allen

The Dna Of Dma

Release date: December 02, 2022
'The DNA of DMA' is the sound of an early 20-something studio engineer rush-recording a slew of his own post-punk tracks into electronic form. It's a recording that sets the blueprint for what would become known as the 'Genetic sound' - a sound that would rapidly dominate the airwaves the world over.
  • 1. You and I
  • 2. Just a Combination
  • 3. The Sound of Muzak
  • 4. Is It Nowhere
  • 5. All or Nothing
  • 6. The Dice Are Loaded
  • 7. Lost Horizons
  • 8. Drowning on the Wave of Dublife
  • 9. The Passion of Father Bernard
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